Due to the extreme necessity of rescuing children out of the government schools, the need for higher quality education, and for more affordability, I am partnering with a curriculum provided to help start micro-schools. I will be glad to help you start, and have done training & consulting for schools for years. If you would like to start a micro-school or even enroll you children in one, please contact me. info@ NO SPAM orgstrat.net

A micro-school is NOT like the one-room schoolhouse you saw on Little House on the Prairie. That is a school, old-fashioned style, with a textbook for each grade, with each child progressing lock-step.

By contrast, first imagine a homeschooling mother with all her children at the dining room table. She has a easy to teach, Bible based, project rich, pedagogically sound curriculum in front of her. This year they are studying Rome. Everyone is learning together, but the 7 year old and the 11 year old have different homework. Next year we will all study the Medieval period. Everyone will study history in order; everyone will participate in the projects, and everyone progresses at their own pace. Language arts and even science is keyed to the History lesson. Math is individual, orderly, sensible, high level, but self paced.

Now expand that to a teacher, great with kids, who can likewise open that same curriculum, but she had a bigger table. Elementary children in the morning, and then the junior and senior high kids check in during the afternoon while the elementary students are working on their projects or playing on the playground. There is curricula for the one learning to read, which happens a few minutes everyday at home, or if full time care is needed, then, in another room.

Notice, much higher quality education: more individual attention, more care, more engagement, and better curricula. Notice too, much less overhead. A fair sized house or a small fellowship hall is all that is needed. Staffing: maybe a couple of helpers. Calculate tuition times the number of children at the table. That goes to you, master teacher!

We are not necessarily looking for teachers with degrees; ideally maybe someone who successfully homeschooled. We do not need to have someone with business and marketing; I can help with that. We do need people who are good with children and have good judgement. If that is you, then contact me: info@ NO SPAM orgstrat.net