Reading Math 4-8

Individualized beginning reading and math instruction for 1 hour twice a week in a 7 week program. Innovative but time tested methods using manipulables (meaning things the child can use with their hands.) Your child will learn to read easily and surely. Your child will understand math and never be stumped even up to Algebra, simply because they truly understand the basics.

This is a “learn to read” and “learn to do math” so normally, this would be presented to a child for 4 or 5 years. Older children who are having problems will be admitted to, in order to start again. This is NOT a worksheet or a “drill and kill” method. This is individualized, taking each component apart separately, so that the child will have accomplishment at each portion at their maximum rate of speed. Repetition that cements the learning will be “play” that the parent provides at home.

Limited slots. Starting next: January 9, 2023 M and W mornings in Cedar Park. Parent must accompany children. $280