Executive ESL

We offer online, high level, one-on-one English instruction for executives. We can help with a project such as a professional presentation, or can arrange ongoing lessons for incentive pricing. Our instructors have college education and experience in accurate English instruction. Unlike most English instructors, they have some competence with the jargon of a variety of professions.

“Sharon was very patient with me, my children, and all my doubts.” Executive’s wife

“The presentation went great! It really gave me confidence to know I had gone through it with you. I could almost keep up with the Americans’ conversation. They never knew my difficulties. The meeting was a success. Thanks so much.” — CEO in Tech Startup, Latin American doing business in Austin, Texas

“My boss is telling me that my emails are not clear.” After our sessions: “Oh! I got the promotion I was wanting. Thanks for all your help!” — Engineer in a tech company (female from the Middle East)

She has been my excellent English teacher since I arrived. I recommend her highly. She can talk about anything under the sun. Project Manager, Europe