We now offer coaching or consulting for homeschool educators! Having homeschooled 2 generations, and coached others, I would be happy to to coach you in whatever aspects of homeschool you may need.

Have you been thrown into home education abruptly? What is the best philosophy and strategy for your child’s learning? Or are you a committed Biblical worldview homeschooler?

What is your child’s learning style? What are their special needs? What, besides adopted curricula, is vital to teach? What curricula should you choose?

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals as a parent/educator. I offer consulting, per hour or proctoring for high school early college students (for which, please see the High School page.) For consulting, you may reserve an hour to talk about any matter related to your children’s education. I offer a variety of testing, but not IQ tests and not psychological testing. I further offer help deciphering the testing report that a psychologist or psychiatrist has given you. I further offer help with IEPs or making individualized, innovative plans for addressing your child’s learning needs. I will also work with private school personnel to coach them how to institute agreed upon plans.

Consulting $120 hour

Testing : cost of test in addition to hourly rate

Coaching: ongoing mentorship will have incentive pricing, ongoing parent group may be forthcoming