For now, the need here seems to be pods for 4-6 year olds for basic skills and proctored classes early college start. We are preparatory for both college and work life. We accept students who have not been successful before because we offer a more individualized approach. If you want to work with us, we can work with you. Longer term, we hope to found a school.

Local parents are right now discovering that the curricula smuggled into local schools is worse than can be imagined. While useful and necessary to address this on a political level, my experience is that such a fight is longer than a child’s sojourn in the school. Behavioral expectations have long been far too low. While the local school district may have better “special education” offerings than many, still we should do very much better. The general aim and conduct of public schools has been unacceptable for a long time. I understand these frustrations, and the way I can help you solve them now, is to teach directly, just like I did for my own children and grandchildren.

A lasting solution would mean a bigger joint effort. I propose a classical Christian school. This would be classical in the sense that quality education has always been done, for the founders of our nation and for the leaders of western civilization, focused on history and literature meant to inspire character and leadership. Yes, it would be developmentally appropriate (thus the Trivium), and yes it would have content of long lasting values (thus “the classics”) and yes it would have basic skills (like a modicum of Latin) and certainly it should have superior, tested teaching methodologies (See Perrin’s 8 Characteristics.) Christian would in this case mean Biblical, evangelical, with traditional values, but not sectarian or denominational. Thus, in short, superior academics aimed at equipping students for a good life, a contributive vocation, and an effective citizenship. Over time, too, many graduates like this make a better society, for one can not have a prosperity and democracy without a virtuous leadership.

The school will probably have a name change to something like XYZ Classical Christian School.

Those wishing to help in this effort are encouraged to contact us, as we hope to begin this effort immediately. Those interested in enrolling their children now or later may do so, based on limited openings and a good fit between our abilities and their needs. This means that we will take students who have some learning problems if we can overcome them together, but we will not take students whom we can not help. We will not discriminate based on race or ethnicity. While we have no religious discrimination, families should be aligned with our vision. We do not currently have scholarships available at this time. There will be strict behavioral standards. We have extremely high expecations of everyone. We take only the best, but we do see many diamonds in the rough. We will certainly be graduating the very best.

While it seems superfluous to post a statement of faith at this point, since some may be interested for the future, let us suggest that we would adhere to the Apostle’s Creed (being the oldest and shortest creed subsequent to the New Testament) and The Jerusalem Declaration, subtracting #3, #4, #6 & #7. The Jerusalem Declaration seems to be a well-thought out, broad, modern statement that does include a commitment to traditional sexual standards.