Help for New Homeschoolers

I am hearing that there is a new wave of homeschoolers who are exiting government schools now, but because of the urgency of the hour, feel unprepared to homeschool. Good news! Some of us have been doing this for a long time. Let me help you! No matter what your situation is, I have at least a little bit of […]

Helping start schools

Helping start Christian preschools and schools anywhere Please call to see if I can help you. Many years consulting for early childhood in Texas. This includes some very specific knowledge of pertinent regulations. Includes unique and deep expertise in inter-church relations for the congregationaly affiliated schools. Of course, continuing to do teacher training. General managerial, marketing, and curricular consulting for […]


Due to the extreme necessity of rescuing children out of the government schools, the need for higher quality education, and for more affordability, I am partnering with a curriculum provided to help start micro-schools. I will be glad to help you start, and have done training & consulting for schools for years. If you would like to start a micro-school […]

Resources for Parents

The Montessori Method of education was born in an experimental school in slum housing in Rome. They asked Dr. Montessori MD who had had success with mentally retarded children, to set up a school. Just as her former students out performed others, so did these. They loved learning! The Bishop came to see. The press noised this about in The […]


NEW! Early college start — free credit at the community college level seems like a good deal, financially, for homeschooled high schoolers. But think. Do you really want to put your child, socially, in the midst of adults who were not successful in their high school? Do you really think that the academic level at a community college is as […]

New Educational Opportunities: Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock & Area

Because of continued problems in surrounding government schools and a disappointing school board election, there is new interest in both homeschooling and private schooling. CONSULTING Yes, I am available for consultation. No, I can not quickly tell you which school or which curriculum is best for you and your child. That takes a long discussion — including, ideally, some standardized […]

Learning Boost

Get the boost for your student who is having any kind of learning problem!Occasionally a very bright student simply has a hard time in school. Parents do not know what to do. Mr. Sarles does. Contact her. She can work miracles, but in it does take a few weeks! These days, we are hearing of many students failing, not because […]

Western Civ, American History, Sociology & Classical Literature Classes – High School Level

Hearing of the pressing need for Rhetoric/High School students needing to prepare for rising to university, we offer Western Civilization and Western Classical Literature classes. Please contact us for term start date if live real time is desired. We are working on developing a video course. It would be helpful to know how many people are interested. The population is […]