Western Civ, American History, Sociology & Classical Literature Classes – High School Level

Hearing of the pressing need for Rhetoric/High School students needing to prepare for rising to university, we offer Western Civilization and Western Classical Literature classes. Please contact us for term start date if live real time is desired. We are working on developing a video course. It would be helpful to know how many people are interested.

The population is becoming aware of the degradation of instruction in both History and Literature, along with the general low aim of academics, the attack of foundational principles and the denial of what was good in our society. Please do not be fooled that junior or community college is any different. For superior performance in the future, one needs superior preparation now. Semester class (organized in college format with 2 online meetings a week for 15 weeks) $500.00. Western Civ M& W, Western Classical Literature T&Th for Jr./Sr. American History ready should a class make. Suggested for Freshman/Sophomore. Due one week before term starts. Late fee of $100. Alternatively, 10% discount for each student referred to us who also enrolls.