Pods 4-6 yrs old

We are now offering a very limited opportunity to begin an exclusive in-home educational group for your child, as well as children in your neighborhood between the ages of 4 and 6 years. 

Interviewing for this exclusive opportunity in Georgetown, Cedar Park, Avery Ranch, Crystal Falls only. We will be selecting only 10 children for this program at this time. Five in a class at one time. Students will be selected for academic and behavior “fit.”

If you would like to schedule an interview to be chosen as a participating family and live in an aforementioned area or for more detailed information, please contact us today at ssarlesNOSPAM@protonmail.com or 512-534-NOSPAM5425 — obviously taking “NOSPAM” out manually.

Small, in-home educational settings like this were developed by some of the nation’s most wealthy parents immediately upon covid-19 health concerns arising. As more families are discovering that screen-time doesn’t work for the younger children, they are wanting to get in on this trend. Some are becoming alarmed at new, inappropriate curricula being covertly introduced. Most are simply aware that the normal methods for introducing literacy, numeracy, and other basic skills are not optimum.

We are using superior methods, largely from the scientific work done by Dr. Maria Montessori, and mixed with the deep expertise from tutoring and early childhood gained through the work of Sharon Sarles.

Normally, one doesn’t get a long-term consultant/teacher trainer to teach, but this is a great pivot from being a “sage on the stage” stepping toward creating a school. Get in on this very special opportunity!

Projecting 3 hours a morning for 2 mornings a week. For 7 week sessions. Beginning January 11 & 12. Pods will run in a specific home location on either M&W or T and Th, 9:00am to noon. Investment is $180 a week for 7 weeks, paid ahead. Fee, if enrolled after January 1, is $200 a week. Discount of 10% for another student referred who also enrolls.

These pods are considered a parent cooperative, so each parent is responsible for attending, or sending another approved adult in their stead. In short, subject to approval of Ms. Sarles, parents will work out between themselves some other, approved adult to be available for security/emergency and so forth.

It will be jointly decided where the class will meet. For instance, should there be sufficient interest in Georgetown and one parent has a suitable home and wishes to be present the entire time, this agreement may be made. This will doubtless be preferable to parents in Georgetown not to have to drive to Cedar Park.

Now is the time to get your friends and neighbors together and get Ms. Sarles to come to your location!

Please secure your child’s enrollment — and their future!

sorry, no longer dealing with PayPal — will take cash, check, or Zell

All amount will be held until class starts.

Discounts will be remitted first day of class.

After second day of class, there will be no refunds.

Here is button for tuition including late fee.

Sorry, no longer taking Paypal. Will take cash or Zell.