Courses for Sale

Please request courses that are “forthcoming;” I will publish the most requested courses first.

  1. Sociology on a stick drive. College prep level. Three major underlying perspective, how to spot Marxism, introduction to topics, and how to manage relationship with professors. 45 presentation hours over 15 weeks. You will buy a used textbook in addition to this course. Short papers and multiple choice test. Ready for August. Grading and/or live lecture/discussion possible if a group makes.
  2. Higher level sociology re Marxism, globalization, and social problems possible should there be requests.
  3. Western Civilization Reformation to 1850. Using a college textbook, as half speed, along with pointing out the lies and omissions. A lot of reading is required. This is a college prep course. Essay questions. On a stick drive. Ready for Sept. Civil War to current day as second semester. Grading & live lecture/discussion possible if requested.
  4. Earlier Western Civilization forthcoming not before next academic year.
  5. American History: Politics, Economics, and Religion – 2 semesters forthcoming
  6. Literature courses that coordinate with American History and/or Western Civilization.
  7. Logic/rhetoric/How to think/Spotting propaganda Forthcoming
  8. How to teach how to read: with phonics, manipulables, with no tears and no mistakes. This is for parent/teachers. Four hours face to face in Cedar Park. Ready now – groups forming
  9. Economics – basics and at least 3 philosophical perspectives, and how money & currency is made – forthcoming
  10. Bible Devotions: Apostles Act for upper elementary and middle school – Daily workbook – ready now
  11. Etiquette 10 thru high school – Forthcoming
  12. Home Economics A : managing a household, menu planning, basic cooking : project: plan a week’s menu and cook a meal for the family . — Forthcoming
  13. Home Economics B: Managing money: budgeting, payment and accounting, pitfalls of debt- forthcoming : project planning income/outgo for a month after graduation – Forthcoming
  14. Introduction to Bible – From scratch to working knowledge 12 weeks forthcoming
  15. Comparative Religion – 8 lessons, each 2 hours long, factual material what each teaches – Final is compare and contrast paper. – Forthcoming
  16. How to engage in politics. Suitable for a day or weekend for a church. 8-12 presentation hours Age 15 thru adult. Forthcoming in published form.
  17. Basic elementary level science classes possible, including very basic electronics (which is mathematical), chemistry in the kitchen, basic law of thermodynamics – possible if requested