New Educational Opportunities: Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock & Area

Because of continued problems in surrounding government schools and a disappointing school board election, there is new interest in both homeschooling and private schooling.


Yes, I am available for consultation. No, I can not quickly tell you which school or which curriculum is best for you and your child. That takes a long discussion — including, ideally, some standardized testing. For quick answers, see my podcast on For consulting, email me at


If you would like to start a school with me, great. My proposal for next semester like the original idea posted here: offering my expertise to home educating families. This would be part time early childhood ages 4-6 in the morning — teaching reading and numeracy … and ***proctored online early college start for high schoolers*** in the afternoon. Direct teaching of American History, World History, Economics and Civics/Government is necessary, and for that, classes in afternoon or evening. Tutoring and mentoring, then, on Fridays.

Be sure your child learns to read, learns to do math, loves learning and has good skills! Be sure your high school student has skills for college and has both knowledge and wisdom not to be indoctrinated there. Be sure that his/her introduction into college is successful, and not an disappointment, indoctrination or a side trip into undesirable outcomes.

If there are enough families and a building, then a new school in the fall.