NEW! Early college start — free credit at the community college level seems like a good deal, financially, for homeschooled high schoolers. But think. Do you really want to put your child, socially, in the midst of adults who were not successful in their high school? Do you really think that the academic level at a community college is as high as your high school honors student? Do you have idea of the level of communism, wokeness, critical race theory, pornography and sheer anti-Christianity that they are likely to be exposed to? So, don’t you desire an alternative?

Now you have one! Proctored [online] early college start classes! A long-term instructor, retired from the local community college, who is also a long-time Christian, inerrantist will offer proctoring. Your student can study on their laptops but in the same room as other home educated students and socialize on breaks with similar students. Further, given her two Master’s degrees and experience in the system, she can provide mentorship in navigating the system, managing academics, and facing the onslaught to faith.

Also offered: History, Government, Economics, and Sociology courses taught directly, face to face, with similar students. You give the credit. Student should be able to handily CLEP the college credit or take AP exam. However, we are teaching for understanding the subject matter, how to succeed academically, and how to be a servant leader, more than merely teaching to the test.

Please contact Ms. Sarles today : 512-534-5425 info@orgstrat.net . Please also see her book : Don’t Lose Your Faith in College : Loose it! Also written for my community college level students: How to Win the Game of School