Resources for Parents

The Montessori Method of education was born in an experimental school in slum housing in Rome. They asked Dr. Montessori MD who had had success with mentally retarded children, to set up a school. Just as her former students out performed others, so did these. They loved learning! The Bishop came to see. The press noised this about in The States.

Dr. Montessori said that her efforts to reform education based on scientific observation and a servant’s heart was a mission from God. Much later, she promoted the cause of peace and favored the League of Nations. Today, because some Montessorians are very liberal, many Christians are wary of it.

Today, there is a long-standing, time-testing Christian outlet for training in the Montessori Method that I recommend. It is The Christian Montessori Fellowship, run by Mr. and Mrs. Fidellow. Here is there site to encourage and equip parents.

All parents are educators. Those who educate at home may particular feel the need for help in teaching reading and solid mathematical foundations. The practical portion of the Montessori Method does this in an unsurpassed way. Studies show that students coming out of Montessori preschools outclass all others.